Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Poem a Day: Bonus Edition

¡'Sup Folx! The original plan had been to post poems that I'd already written so that I could use the time to finish the long overdue edits on my novel. It worked. Everthing's done save for a few modifications and the ending. The ending is written. As a matter of fact, I have two versions. But I've decided to go with a third ending, a sort of almalgm of the two.

That's not really done though, so I figure, I owe you guys another poem. This one was actually originally written by my baby brother, Joe. He brought it to me as an idea for a rap, and I pimped it out for him. In that sense, it is Our poem:
Rocked by Ages
You think you had it rough
Well I think I had it rougher
Mommy was a dope fiend
Daddy was a puffer
Five years old and learning how to suffer
watching Mommy jump from one man to another

Daddy disappeared when I turned Seven
He's in jail or hell... know he ain't in heaven
Nine years old, livin' off cheese & Kix
Mommy sold the foodstamps so she could get her next fix
Eleven years old, first time I saw the needle in her arm
Imagine my confusion, imagine my alarm
Just that day, I learned about drugs in school
They said it was for losers, they said it was for fools
Tryin' to get her to stop, I laid down some law
She just laughed in my face, said it was my fault
& I crashed

Thirteen years old, hitting rock bottom
The disadvantages of life, yeah I got 'em
so I hit the bottle and the joint to set me free
Started off slow, but soon nothing could stop me
'til I looked in the mirror, and all I saw was Mommy
Fifteen, time to quit while ahead
Before I was too deep, before I was dead
while at it, I'd get Mommy out too
Get her in rehab, start our lives brand new
But for Mommy things would never be the same
Cuz she'd caught that big disease with the itty bitty name
Sixteen years old, at the hospital to say goodbye
But I couldn't say shit, I just watched Mommy die
& I crashed...

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