Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Night ( A Poem)

This poem was inspired by the myth of Nüt & Geb, a personal favorite.

My Night
¿How can I
stay away
when You wrap
so tightly
about Me,
protecting Me
from Everything,
leaving room
for Nothing
else but the feel
of You wrapped
tight about me
like wet rice

¿What else
can I do
Sister Sky—
Heaven full
of stars,—
but grind
inside You
until My mountains
are raw
& My rivers
boil beneath
Your pressure,
Your pleasure,
Your gravity?

¿So what
if there is room
for naught—
nothing but
us, no space
for other Gods
to roam between
Us, to breathe?

The feel
of Your breath
is all I need.

Let Them separate
Us if they must—
make room
for Creation,
for Life,
for Other
than Our bond.

¿Could we expect
Them to continue
Existence smothered
between Us?

It matters
not, my Nüt—
They can keep
Us apart—
divided for only
so long
before Night
once again wraps
itself around Me—
the Sun hides
You fall
& I rise
to meet

the time will come
when the Sun
abandons its
task & We can
again join
in perpetuity,
when You & I,
and nothing else
will reign
Our Love,
Eternal Lust,

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