Sunday, July 11, 2010



I can still vividly recall
that smell that smiled
at me in the hall,
as I wandered past
your door.
Maybe it was the shelves full
of overpriced perfume,
but I’d bet it was just you,
in full bloom,
the long spiral petals
of your hair
gold leafed brown to match
your stare;
I didn’t dare

Instead I climbed
the stairs,
to the balcony,
from where
I could watch you
from above
& pretend we were
in love.
You looked even better
from that height,
where I could stay
just out of sight
& make believe I’d written
silly poems
just for you.

Even then I knew
I’d spend my days
in your company.
What I didn’t know,
what I couldn’t see,
was how exactly it would all go,
that I’d waste a decade
chasing dreams,
the recurring nightmare
of my life in memes
& all that time,
was always only
a whisper

So now the make believe
is done,
pretending’s over,
fantasies spun.
Instead of settling
we have won,
although the bloom
is all but consumed;
& we are left
slowly wilting
in the sun;
but we shine
& the aroma’s stronger
now—potpourri &

We climb together now—
the balcony is closed
but the curtains of our stage
are just now opening wide,
as we perform in repose;
& who knows
how long it’ll take
before we wilt away.
I won’t even allow
my mind to wander there,
Instead, I’ll bask
in the glow
of the love that would grow
from a passing scent as I walked
past your door.


Anonymous said...

Fernando that was beautiful. All the more beautiful because I get it. Completely I think. Glad it's going well. Glad you are well.

The Word Pimp said...

Thank you, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Loved it :)