Sunday, September 11, 2011


A poem I wrote during the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, once I realized Bush was going to use the tragedy to promote his political agenda.


Rock a Bye baby
on the tree top

Sleep tight America—
slumbering giant— 9-1-1
was no emergency.
Rest assured that our
government has our best
interests at heart, like
when daddy used Afghanistan
to slay the big bad red
bear then left it in a lurch,
lost in poverty, lost
in discord, little land lost
with nothing but its rock
& sand & guns, & poppy
fields. But father knows

When the wind blows
the cradle will rock

Night night America—rest
right knowing the son,
the puppet president,
has it all under control,
the bees buzz buzz buzzing
in his ear, telling him where
to steer the bombs to leave
the corpses of our bastard
brothers, bloodied & belittled
because they would not be
ignored. The sins of our
children directly reflect
our fathers at their worst.

When the bough breaks
the cradle will fall

Let's fight America—hold
your flags up high
as you send your children off
to die to keep those Iraqi
pipelines flow flow flowing
with that pitch black blood
pumping up our SUV
fetishes while we let
the red black green
blood flow in the riverbeds
of the Congo—so long as
those niggers keep mining
what we need to power
our laptops, our cellphones
& our playstation2s . Who
the fuck cares which nigger
owns the those mines…
No, its mine! BANG!
NO! It's mine! BANG!
All while daddy stands idly

Down will come baby
cradle & ALL

Peace is in sight America-
Ginsberg was wrong, Ferlinghetti
was wrong, there is no need
to howl & scream, those dead
& beat beats didn't know we could
dream while our country watches
over us, profiling us in our sleep,
the land of the free
to be afraid. So just keep sitting
tight America
ready to fight
flexing your might
ignoring the light
shortening your sights
abandoning your rights
just so you can sleep
through the night.
Hush little babies
don't say a word,
I'm just some insomniac
mocking bird crying the call
of down will come baby
& all.

September 12, 2002

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