Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Daisy Field

The Daisy Field
I walked past the daisy field today,
a rock garden
casting shadows on my head;
my heart searched for you,
lost in haze.

But this heart, you see,

this heart still has problems
with the way things ended,
left me so fast,
so unprepared.

And who was I to deny

your request that you find rest
traveling the many rivers
of our homeland
and not stay trapped with worms
and things that crawl & squirm?

But damn, mami! 

It might have been nice
to have a place to visit you 
on lonelier days,
to think about those too few years
we were granted together.

Now, unless I fly a thousand miles

to find your beachfront home,
I'm left to the sterile corners of my room,
left to strain for memories
sometimes I strain so hard
the tears burn me.

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