Sunday, August 6, 2017

Word of the Moment: Omnism

Word of the Moment

Omnism—a profound respect for all faiths, deities, & spiritual beliefs, or the lack thereof.

Gods were created to honor n
ature & ancestors, explain the unexplainable, & in attempts bring order to of the chaos of early civilizations. They are a reflection of who we are as humans. 

While judging the bad acts of any faith’s followers is perfectly valid, using those acts to attack a faith as a whole is counterproductive, even potentially dangerous. Despite their current status, all gods were real to the people that worshiped them. None hold all truths, but truth may be gleaned from all.

Sins: To intentionally harm another, except when defending yourself or others from harm. To allow others to come to harm when it is within your power to intervene.

An Omnist’s Prayer: I honor all the gods that were, all the gods that are, & all the gods that will ever be.

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