Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tarot for Beginners

Tarot for Beginners

a card before you go,”
She interrupts.
Not stopping 

my story
I reach out
& blindly pull one
at random; lay
it face down
between us.

“You’re not
going to look?”
She asks, smiling,
staring at the paper
destiny I simply

“I’m still talking
here,” I reply,
“and if you can
just keep
your mind on
that, when I’m ready,
I’ll flip it over.
Otherwise, feel free
to flip it for me.”

“Oh no,”
She replies as
Her smile spreads
to her eyes,
as She glares at
her neglected Tarot.
The card itself
like a sponge soaking
in moisture, but I hold
true to my word
& wait until I’m ready.

¡Flip! It’s Death
& we both start
laughing. “Death
doesn’t mean death,”
She begins.

“It means change,”
I finish, “I know.
My mother pulled
Tarot for friends
when I was young.
You learn that
Lesson One.”

“That’s right,”
She replies, finally
looking me in the eyes
—that sea of golden
brown flecked green
exploring what’s inside
me. ¿What does she
see? ¿
The Fool
The Hanged Man
¿The Zero
or The Hero?

¿& why couldn’t I
have drawn Lovers?
I suddenly remember
why, which makes me rise,
say my goodbyes, & fly
before She has me
draw another,
like The Tower,
which would make
the world crumble
right before my eyes


JV Myka said...

My wife and I, several shots of grappa, the Magician and the Priestess, candles lit....it was a fun lesson.

Fernando Quijano III said...