Monday, April 16, 2012

REALLY Old Poetry

The following poems are two of my oldest, written when I was in my very early 20s, before I took my first college level writing course. Laugh at me if you want, but be kind. Besides, vampires are still vogue, right?


I'd love to be a vampire
& entice you with my grace
Seduce you with my bedroom eyes
Take you in my dark embrace

Then we could both be vampires
& watch eternities unfold
Witness history come & go
Never growing old

We'd be creatures of the dark
Free of mortal complications
Free to love a million years
Melting in with each new generation

The seven wonders of the world
would exist solely for us to admire
We'd watch them crumble to the earth
We'd create new wonders to our desire

I'd show you the land
You'd show me the sea
Yet our greatest pleasure
would lie 'tween each others knees

We would live together
                  run together
                  love together
                  hunt together

Until at a time of our choosing
Once we knew we could no longer be
You & I would walk hand in hand in the fire
To join the ashes of eternity

Under the Whatever Tree

¿Strolling? Yeah, strolling:
Strolling with an adolescent giddiness
I haven't felt since my days of scholarly pursuit
(Yeah, right! More like my pursuit of a good time.)
Strolling, with her strolling next to me
& I'm a clumsy little schoolboy again
wanting, trying to hold her hand
but I don't, not sure if I should
not sure she wants me to
not sure she wants me

So I settle for sly touches
disguised as clumsy little bumps
& we stroll & bump & sip cheap tequila
trying not to make funny faces
(¡God that shit tastes terrible!)
until we feel all good & tingly
& we stroll under a sycamore
(or whatever, I don't know trees)
to relax on a bed of grass & headlines

Frolic? ¡Yeah, Frolic!
We frolicked just a little bit
Under the whatever tree
Pinching, prying, tickle-poking,
a bit of laughter, a bit of joking
Having fun enjoying the bit of numbness
between our ears
We got each other sticky sweet
(Or she got me, I can't speak for her)
Until our eyes catch
(kinda like what always happens in soaps & chick flicks, you know?)
& of course, we kissed
we kissed
& we kissed
under the Whatever tree
& of course I wanted more
but it wasn't my place to ask
& I didn't

I just start strolling, again
all the way to the subway
she watches me leave
leaves me wanting more

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