Wednesday, April 11, 2012

These Lips (Both Versions)

Here's another from the "archives." The original was written in 1994 as an homage, of sorts, inspired by Lucille Clifton's Homage to My Hips. The "sequel" was part of an assignment to write a form poem. I don't really enjoy writing form poems. I took my lip poem and created a rhyme scheme for it.

These Lips

O, how I hated these lips,
these obese pieces of meat
that hang under my nose:
thick bits of pork fat

These lips stopped me
from talking to girls
because I knew
they secretly laughed
at these lips

I did all I could
to hide them,
posed in front of the mirror
for hours, sucking
them over my teeth,
looking like some amateur
Humphrey Bogart

I dreamt of the day
my face would sprout hair,
some down, at least,
to camouflage their unsightly mass

Until I found someone
who loved these lips
& licked these lips
& sang to their lusciousness

Now, these lips are lover's lips:
bearers of deep, titillating kisses
to which even the most resistant
must succumb

These lips are liquid lips,
flowing swiftly, clearly
over every hill & valley
in their wake

These lips are liquor,
take a sip

These Lips (a sequel)

O, how 
I hated these lips
These hulking beef tips
Thick port fat strips
big pink buffalo chips

I thought, "These are some god's slips
or some wicked cantrips
'cause I surely could eclipse
half the world with these lips."

Then a goddess worshiped
the breadth of these lips
her tongue forming ellipses
her mouth taking sips

Now these redeemed lips
are proud sailing ships
taking extended trips
from head to hips
bringing pleasure
in long,

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