Friday, September 26, 2008

Orange Eye

Inspired by a butterfly bush outside the kitchen window during a vacation on McKay's Cove Beach ion Southern Maryland. Beautiful vacation! First time I saw a bird dive into the water and come out with a fish, in person. Also met a McKay!
Orange Eye

I don’t have to write
this poem
it writes itself
how could it not?
at ten
the monarchs come to feed
on the purple orange eyes
the kitchen window
as I wash dishes
monarchs & bugs that look
like little hummingbirds
fan tails and all
buzzing bud to bud
to suck on the sweet

At three
the brothers come
butterflies wearing tiger skins
with iridescent blue
spots for wings
dangling upside down
with their black
winged cousins
to catch
the undersides of the buds
that previous bug
gourmands have missed
The tigers patiently probe
each bud
with their probosci
while the jet
butterflies flutter
frenetically before moving
on, looking for the easy meal
I could wash this dish
for days

I don’t have to write
this poem
The Universe wrote it
for me
long ago

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