Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Poem a Day: Day Three

So here we are. Day three. The editing is going well enough. I've noticed, however, that the poems I've posted so far have been, shall I say, a bit on the dark side. ¿What can I say? I am the kid that sees the things most refuse to see—the dark cloud to every silver lining. But just to show I'm not just a harbinger of gloom, I trawled through my hard drive to find something a bit more uplifting. The poem I had in mind wasn't there. I'll have to dig through my hard copies and post it another time. I did find an unfinished poem with potential. I polished it up a bit, but methinks it still has the patina of rawness to it. It'll have to do, for now.

the Bigger the Bang
You walked
in from the next store,
& I was happy
it was you, having
you myself earlier
that day—that day
I noticed I didn't know
you but wanted to,
that day I tried to catch your eye
& caught nothing but your crown,

That moment you
through that door I was sure
that our atoms had once
against each other during
the birth of the Cosmos,
my electrons momentarily
into your outermost shell,
our quivering quarks trying
to touch,
our strings trying
to bind.

I had been waiting to feel
you again, ever since.

Our near miss at the record
store—separated from you by nothing
more than pressboard, veneer
& 12 inches of new order
true faith
(the morning sun)
closer to you than I
had been since we first
forth from the stars,
too far to see you,
too soon to matter,
too lost to care.

It should be no surprise
that once we finally did
the sparks spread like raw rice
at our feet, the power
of the impact shaking
the roots of the universe
with enough force left
to unseat the world and have it
succumb to Our gravity.

Could we expect anything
less once Destiny,
our orbits on
converging trajectories?

The Universe should
its lucky stars
that our power
didn't mar Creation,
but only
tested Its
fluidity & flexibility.

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